FS19 CloverCreek and 12 crops

In spots where there were cultivates all structures were sold. Presently you choose what to assemble and where to fabricate.

There are nine spots at various costs and sizes.

12 new yields have been added to the guide, including clover, from which you can make silage or reap for seed.

FS19 CloverCreek and 12 crops


Guide average for dairy animals reproducers and plant generation.

The plans are to make every placeable homestead with an essential guide.

Connection. to the assistance record for this guide. This record contains changes that help this guide and horticultural crops.All of them adjustment can be found on the pages with mods.

We begin at the passage to the motel, the vehicle has stalled, is in the workshop close to the dairy.

On a simple dimension we have three extensive developed fields, however no plot of land for the development of the homestead.

You sold everything in the huge city to begin a rancher's life, you generally envisioned about it.You are additionally the proprietor of numerous new rural machines that you purchased before you landed in Clover Creek.

By offering one farmland, you can begin your experience in the wide open without obligation. So good karma on the new street.

In the second trouble mode we have no developed pots and building plot, yet we have all the starter machines and 1,200,000 money.

It's up to you how you use it.

- Fixed the activity of jumps and tobacco accumulation.

- Removed articles from developed fields.

- Twelve new yields.

- Lack of structures in spots where the homesteads were found.

- We make cultivates face to face.

- The land was set up for the development of new ranches.

There are still mistakes in the log, which does not meddle with great fun.

Lamentably, in the southeastern piece of the guide, in the very corner there are impermanent stops in vehicles. I don't have the foggiest idea why, I can't fix it.

Surfaces of new yields I found on the web, I think some are to be improved.

Structures and homesteads can be imported from past adaptations on the off chance that somebody needs to do as such.

FS19 CloverCreek and 12 crops

FS19 CloverCreek and 12 crops

FS19 CloverCreek and 12 crops

FS19 CloverCreek and 12 crops

FS19 CloverCreek and 12 crops

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