FS19 CloverCreek

Transformation of the guide with FS17. Estimate x4 . The guide contains the purposes of procurement and sale.On the guide there are purposes of closeout of free compost, lime, seeds, manure,slurry, creature feed.

Transport missions. Traffic and pedestrian.Land change additionally works


Dairy for drain gathering. Two sawmills. Timberland regions and substantial and medium estimated fields, perfect for expansive machines.All fields on the guide can be purchased and sold.

Three alterations of FS19_grainStorages,FS19_rootCropStorage,FS19_Strohlager are required. Without these mods you won't have structures on the begin farm.If you as of now have these adjustments introduced, you don't need to include anything.

All structures and fields can be sold for benefit.

Have a ton of fun.


Link to download mod

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