How work settles down in farming simulator 2015:

You can cultivate or fertilize (spreader or spray has no big difference in it), harvest, do sowing and at last repeating all over and over.

On this farming simulator game you do not need to do plough but you are free to try it on your own field if you are interested in it, or you want to combining fields.

Most of the time we are missing some instruction or tiny info about how we should start work or what we should start work on farming simulator game.

Check what implements you already selected, maybe you need to change them with pressing “G”.

You should always remember that game has some restrictions and some options maybe now applied to your tractor or etc.

If you are interested in farming and you like farming simulator 2015 or 2017, first of the game stages don’t buy any expensive equipment that won’t bring you money.

You will be bankrupted instant.

Try found out where you can spend your money on FS 2017 or FS 2015, that these money starts to work and makes your farm more efficiently.

Learn up how save money for something new and interesting, like I am saving now, for a big new tractor.

Another interesting thing in farming simulator game is cow and sheep.

It is easy to buy but it is hard to maintain and grow under farming simulator role as you need a lot of proper gear to fulfill tasks.

Mid game tasks should be about forestry as it is a lot of profitable than farming in early game.

Don’t go logging from the first time you start play farming simulator game as it may bring you to leaving this game as it will b hard and annoying to see any progression.

The most useful and interesting thing in farming simulator 2015/ 2017 is that you are free to use mods, and you should use mods, to make your farming game more interesting and attractive to you.



Farming simulator 2017 mission game walkthroughs and some useful tips.

Many of mission you will be playing will have front weight you can use. You easy can save time and use any of items you have: spreader/sower/cultivator/fertilizer.

As much tractors I have checked in new one farming simulator 2017 all tractors have same issue, you cannot pull weights without the weight.

We all know that if yours implement are too heavy our front wheels will lose connection with ground and we won’t be able to pull any weight and it will be big issue to complete yours mission.

Me and other farmers noticed that you should avoid harvesting Potato/Sugar Beet in new one farming simulator 2017 game if you want to avoid spending time for nothing.

As all harvesters in fs 2017 are not wide and harvesting small field will take a while.

Maybe you know or not but farming simulator are made for not perfectionist so you are free to cover only 90-95% of required field and yours quest will be complete.


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