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Seven exiting new facts you should know about farming simulator 2020.

We made deep scan on new farming simulator 2019 and we have found exiting stuff you sure need to know.

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Farming simulator 2019 Fact 1:

As we waited long time now we will be able to play farming simulator game as a LADY. Yes you a right, we say it loud and clear. Farming simulator 2019 welcomes woman character.

From now one you will be a LADY Farmer on your most attracting farming game.

Many of people who play FS 2019 were interested to get opportunity to play FS 2019 farmer as a Lady and creators of game fulfilled this wish.

Farming simulator 2019 Fact 2:

Crops, crops, crops. All about crops. From now on farming simulator 2019 will let you grow very wide range of crops, and I am sure, that there will be many new one LS 2019 mods, which will improve this count of crops farming.

One of my favourite flower are sunflower and all farmers will be able to grow sunflowers all over the map.

You do not believe, but sunflowers will follow movement of sun all over the blue sky. On this new one edition of farming simulator 2019 will be soybeans as a crop and for all of the crops yours tractors will be ready to work on.

Farming simulator 2019 Fact 3:

How cool can it be that creators of farming simulator added Washington State. Now you are free to farm in your own county.

Farming simulator 2019 Fact 4:

As always comes new tractors with new game release this time we have same situation. People wanted to see some tractors in game and vualia these tractors are already in fs2019.

Game creators fulfil this wish and now we will see new extraordinary tractors, and these tractors can be fully customized.

For tractor customization can be used farming simulator mods

Farming simulator 2019 Fact 5:

Who likes potato? People who likes potato should like and work with huge GIANT new one potato harvester, which comes to new one fs 2019.

All technics that are on standard with this GIANT machine are fully customize.

To be clear there is a tremendous difference on technics customization what you could do on farming simulator 2019 and what you will be able to do on farming simulator 2019.

Last customable thing is that you will be able to add unlimited number of dynamic lights in game. I want to try it right now.

Farming simulator 2019 Fact 6:

Trains. Trains. Trains. WE HAVE TRAINS in new one farming simulator 2019.

How could it is to drive all over the map with train. Do you know how many fs 2019 mods will be created especially for trains.

ou are free to use trains for transportation logs all over the whole map.  Now there will be people who loads trains, drive trains and unloads trains.

Farming simulator 2019 Fact 7:

As I remember anyone, who plays farming simulator at least once had idea to have chance to grow animals.  You know what? That time came.

New one farming simulator 2019 gives you chance to run your farm as you want, and grow animals, as you want.

On new one fs 2019 you can fully go in anima farm and I know that this one will add more players to this game.

There is so much more in LS 2019 that you have to see. You want custom tractor. |Here you go. You want some fancy farming more. Here you go.

Most important is that farming simulator 2019 are game from past with future add-ons.

Game creators listening to players and create game you all want.

Every day people are creating farming simulator 2019 mods and we will try to arrange them and to add into our mod section.

Check out our section of best farming simulator mods and add your own if you have.


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