Ravenport Farming simulator 2019 mod

One of the best USA map is a Ravenport. You have to try this new FS 19 map and you will be stunned how well is to play it.

This map is edited in different way that all maps were done. Until you try it we won’t be able to speech it.

Main goal of this map creation is to make your farm be near your animal sheds.



What changes were made and what you will find in FS 2019 Ravenport map:

  • Small chicken coop
  • Small horse pasture
  • Large sheep pasture
  • Large cow pasture

Right now I did not included pigs into this map. I do not lie it at all.

What else you will find in this farming simulator 209 Ravenport map:

There will be a fuel station and water station;

Here you will find an old barn and a shed with a trailer for storage root crop

Jager Hut, Workshop, Storage silo(small), Bunker silo(small).

There is an extended Hay loft where you are free to store grass, silage, woodchips + default hay, straw storage with increased capacity

How you should use this farming simulator 2019 mod

First you have to UNZIP file you have downloaded into your mod folder.

*New farmer mode gives you my edit. If you want however my placements and vehicles in “Farm Manager” and “Start from scratch” mode, just edit defaultFarmProperty=”true” to defaultFarmProperty=”false” in defaultItems.xml and defaultVehicles.xml in Ravenport_PROPER map. Use Notepad++ for this to do it instantly.

That is all. If you made all right you a free to start play this new one 2019 farming simulator Ravenport map.





Link for download this map


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