I have just turned on Farming simulator 2017 mod John Deere 9630 and made so test run.

Purpose of this test run was to see how it works and what can be done with this monster.

First impression is really nice:

Big, massive, lot of wheels and green as all Deere are.

As you may know I am playing as a rich farming girl so money is not a problem for me.

As soon I purchased this one John Deere 9630 I started test run to see what situations can be dangerous for this monster and what can be wrong with it.

I was impressed the speed of this tractor but I was very upset of some glitch that there is in game, as if we are playing Farming Simulator 2017 and we are using such a powerful mod like John Deere 9630 we should drive with it like with a tank, but there were some problems, and you will see them in video.

On the short review, I can say:

This tractor is most impressive tractor in whole Farming simulator 2017 game and you can climb with it into Everest or another rough trip you want to go.

If you have money for it, go for it, buy tractor and use this mod for sure.

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