I have just testes Farming simulator 2017 mod John Deere 8530 Black Shadow in action.

And strange thing happens. This mod crashes my PC.

As much tractors, I buy and use on same place as much they crashing my PC.

Really not fun at all.

I have just testes Farming simulator 2017 mod Belarus Tractor MTZ in action.

I am mostly surprised, how so old and bad tractor can be so powerful and can do so many things.

See video how I am purchasing that tractor and transporting it to my field.

If we pick up some tipper that tractor will start run more slow as we would like to go but still it is old tractor from last century.

I have just turned on Farming simulator 2017 mod John Deere 9630 and made so test run.

Purpose of this test run was to see how it works and what can be done with this monster.

First impression is really nice:

Big, massive, lot of wheels and green as all Deere are.

As you may know I am playing as a rich farming girl so money is not a problem for me.

As soon I purchased this one John Deere 9630 I started test run to see what situations can be dangerous for this monster and what can be wrong with it.

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