If you already managed to expand your farm and you are profitable farming simulator 2017 gamer now you can start grow your own pig farm.

One of profitable animal farming are pigs.

Pig growing in farming simulator 2017 is interesting, manageable and more profitable as anyone imagined so spent some time to read this article and get some experienced tips and observations.

Many of us start playing FS 2017 with 3 starting fields, and I am able to grow from 60 to 80 pigs in these fields.

This pig number do not eat all what I grow on fields so I am able to grow even more pigs as I want.

Grains, that I grow and pigs do not eat I am able to sell to maintain my profit.

On farming simulator growing 80 pigs you will have overproduction of pigs, so you will be forced to sell pigs twice a day, if you want to maintain maximum profitability and population growth wealth.

As I calculate 95 percent productivity of 75 pigs are making 2 baby pigs every two hours.

If we calculate numbers we get we can earn up to 12 little pigs every day per day.

As we have no big trailer we can use small one which contains of 9 grow pigs in it.

As we transport pigs to selling point we will receive up to 11000$.

I think it is decent every day earning if you are interested in growing pigs.

As long as you have enough corn or grains to feed pigs you are free to let them grow and increase in population.

Pig population grows dramatically at a multiply and there is no cut-lose point where you will get any disadvantage or lose in growing pig.


Maintain your profit, expand your fields to generate enough food for pigs, keep pigs safe and clean, and you will see how fast you small pig farm become unbelievable big one ranch on the west.

If you want that your pigs grow fast and healthy in farming simulator game you need to act as a real farmer and clean pig field.

Use front loader equipped with a silage fork and clean up the mess your pigs left.

You should know one trick, that you are free to attach front loader to the one of the starting game tractors.

All you need is juts modify your early game tractor at the own workshop. It will allow you avoid buying bobcat small tractor.

As you will earn money to buy that small bobcat go for it, as you are not interested to have standing await your working tractor all the day long as it will be calibrated only for front loader.

Second option is to buy a conveyor belts and automate the cleanup but for that you need to invest up to 20000$.

You need to place that conveyor belts in triangle to keep close returning grain circle.

One transporter will maintain pigs with feeding grains, other will return grains back from ground in front of feeding area, and the last one will return grains to feeding transported back.

To maintain efficiently pig productivity in farming simulator 2017 all you need is just corn and water, nothing else.

Such a simple combination will give you up to 65 percent of productivity in farming pigs.

As you become richer man, and you want to higher your productivity in pig growing you can add wheat, canola or sunflower or barley grains.

It will generate extra 20 percent of pig productivity so now you will have 85 percent of it.

To get 95 percent of pig growing productivity you need to add straw into the pig meal, and to maintain maximum productivity of pig expanding you need to add potatoes and beans and your pigs will grow and increase of population in very fast way.

As we all understand pigs need to be feed up to grow, but if we want maintain populating clean and healthy we need to clean pigs as well.

Pigs generates a lot of slurry and manure.

The best thing is that slurry can be used to fertilized your own fields and it is free only time consuming.

In time you will see that to fertilize all three fields you need many pigs to produce slurry and big one tanker to fully load up it with for three fields.

To fully use of own fertilizing circle, you need cows, tractor with at least 250 horse power, big container for slurry, fertilizing equipment.

Some tips you may like to use:

  • Amount of pigs in farming simulator 2017 are not showed well graphically as it should be, so if you have 100 pigs you will see less than 10 in your pig farm place.
  • Buy greenhouses next to your pig farm and you will fill them with mature. It is easy way to earn extra money per day.
  • For growing pigs, you do not need a bailer, just use straw from your barley or wheat fields with a universal bucket. Use tipper to transport these goods to your pig pen. To fasten all process later buy one straw blower.


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