What have I learned from playing farming simulator 2013 and FS 2015:

As you starting game you are given 4 tractors to play.

All equipment need to be assembled to tractor with “q” button.

No doubt these tractors are low on horse power and are slow to work with.

You should get one harvester and one header with front attachment.

Depends on what farming simulator game version you play you also should get a tipper; it is a long trailer to transport yours harvested grains.

Also you should have a cultivator, to be able to prepare yours fields for another sowing period.

One thing you do not need for sure, but it is given is a plow, this thing is use same as a cultivator but with a plow you are able to create new one fields in the map of farming simulator.

As you start playing farming simulator 2017 game you are given 3 fields in your map.

You are free to buy more fields but as you have no spare money for it, you have to earn them first.

One of these fields will be ready for harvesting and others two need to cultivate and prepare for next sowing period.

To see full map view press “9” on your keyboard and map will appear.

The game interesting in that way you can harvest your field by yourself or you are free to hire a worker to harvest field for you.

Only thing to do is to line up tractor with your field and then press hire worker button and yours field are on the work right now.

The sower tractor need seeds to proper function and you need to fill sower with it.

After you have done it you are free to pick what seed you will plant using “o” key on your keyboard.

As you will be ready and filled with crops you need to set sower to seed you field. Here you can hire worker to do all dirty work if you like.

If you need to speed up your time keyboard numbers “7” and “8” multiplies time from 1 to 120 times.

Not you or your workers will act faster but time will fly by. Your all crops will grow much faster as they do normal.

You need to remember that your whole farm every day costs some maintenance cost so if you fasten your day time fly by you will need to pay a lot of money every day, so you can easy go to bankrupt.

Another useful tip in farming simulator 2017 is when you hire a worker to harvest with harvester your field, you need to arrange harvester unloading.

So if you do not want to lose hired worker every time when harvester are full you need to jump in tractor with tipper and go next to side of harvester.

As you will be near you can unload harvester on the run.

As you have full tipper drive to your silos and unload your load you have.

All your produced grains in farming simulator game are stored in silos of you farm.

Farming simulator game is not only farming, but an economy game, so if you would like to buy new tractors or just keep rolling your farm and do not bankrupt, you need keep an eye on crop prices that are on region.

Go to yours PDA with keyboard “I” and search line where is shown your crop stock and what price you can sell it.

To be sure you are selling crops in right price you see icons that shows of price grow up or go lower.

If that crop is on demand now and you have lot of stacked of it you can earn fortune in one day, so keep an eye on it.

If you want to double your yield upon harvest you can buy fertilizer spreader and use it.

To get this I suggest you to sell your worst tractor and even weight that we got at the beginning of game.

The reason you should do it is that you are able to fertilize grown crops and then get doubled or triple yield bonus from your fields.


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