Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips

In this guide you will discover data about what you can develop in Farming Simulator 19 and how to do it, well ordered. You'll likewise locate some fascinating traps, including how to join machines, tips to accelerate ongoing interaction and gaining cash in the diversion. There is likewise a point by point portrayal of creature farming, a rundown of the most intriguing machines, tractors and self-moved vehicles. The instructional exercise additionally incorporates a broad FAQ segment, a portrayal of controls on PC, XONE and PS4 stages, just as equipment prerequisites alongside a depiction of ideal amusement settings.


Cultivating Simulator 19 is another portion in the diversion arrangement devoted to cultivate the executives. It is the biggest and most refined of all pieces of the diversion. This time, in excess of 300 vehicles and machines from in excess of 100 distinct producers have been made accessible to the player. The usefulness and assortment of harvests and reproducing has likewise been extended. In this portion the player can develop: wheat, rye, oats, grain, rapeseed, corn, sunflower, soya, potatoes, sugar beet, sugar stick, poplar for chips and trees. Farming incorporates the accompanying creatures: hens, pigs, sheep, dairy animals and steeds.

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Farming Simulator 19

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Farming Simulator 19

Underneath you can discover our video manual for Farming Simulator 19 with great tips for apprentices.

Is Farming Simulator 19 worth the money?

The fundamental inquiry for some, players is: What is the distinction between Farming Simulator 19 and the past variants? Is it worth getting it? As I would see it - yes.

Contrasted with the past renditions (numbered 15 and 17), there have been numerous progressions and adjustments. The following are the principle contentions for Farming Simulator 19.

New amusement motor: improved illustrations and livelinesss; totally new material science - the control of vehicles is progressively reasonable and complex (shockingly, AI representatives stay unaltered and can cause some very uncommon issues).

Immense number of machines:- the quantity of vehicles highlighted in the essential variant of the diversion approaches, if not surpasses, the quantity of machines from the past portion and its DLCs set up together; furthermore, the amusement incorporates brands, for example, John Deere, AGCO, Case IH, KUHN, Stara, Ropa, and numerous others. Altogether, there are 102 brands of tractors, collectors and hardware in this portion.

Increasingly perplexing mechanics and more prominent authenticity: the amusement presents components, for example, the presence of weeds in the fields that should be weeded; lime - which keeps up the high caliber of the dirt and is required for the formation of new fields, vehicle breakdowns with abnormal amounts of wear.

Improved ongoing interaction elements: In this piece of the diversion, you never again begin with modest strides to develop a large portion of a hectare of fields. There are mind boggling and multi-reason machines that can produce yields from a huge number of liters of harvests.

Capacity to consolidate various machines into one: this alternative is as of now known from past parts - two machines cooperate. This time you can blend machines from various brands and make developments which, for instance, furrow, sow and develop or treat in the meantime: and all that basically by adjusting the machine's parts to your present needs.

New yields and domesticated animals: three new plants are added to the pool of harvests: rye, cotton and sugar stick (while holding those presented in the past portions); presently additionally ponies are accessible for creature farming.

Land and structures: you are never again subject to predefined areas on maps. OK prefer to have a cows ranch by your plot? Don't worry about it - simply manufacture it! You don't have a spot to store your machines on in new area? Assemble a shed.

Discharge value (PC): 34.99 EUR (Steam).

Novelties and changes in Farming Simulator 19

Novelties and changes in Farming Simulator 19

Cultivating Simulator 19 presents a great deal of new things contrasted with the past portions of the arrangement. Numerous components of mechanics have likewise been changed: a few machines work in an unexpected way, a few procedures are liable to various working principles. On the off chance that you are a veteran of the arrangement, beneath you will locate the most vital data about what you should focus on in this piece of the diversion:

Numerous machines can be joined: search for example cultivators with 3-point associations behind them or snares for joining a trailer.

Each new field you make should be treated with lime out of the blue. You should utilize it (you can turn it off in the amusement choices) on your fields each third sowing and collect to keep up a great dimension of the field - generally the reap will be 15% lower. You can purchase lime in the shop or get it from an accumulation point; there are two machines that can be found in the Fertilizer Technology tab in the shop (they can likewise be utilized for spreading strong excrement).

Weeds will show up occasionally on the fields. To dispose of them, use weeders or concoction showering that decimates unpleasant plants (weeds can be annihilated before the yield; unremoved weeds diminish the gather by 20%). You can kill weeds in the diversion alternatives.

You would now be able to discharge everything to the ground: the substance of seeders, grains and different things. To gather them later, essentially utilize any loader.

You're the one in charge of purchasing structures currently: Do you need to have a pig ranch by the potato field? Don't worry about it.

The likelihood of dozing has been presented: construct a ranch where you can rest.

The significance of transport has been stressed. You can't transport vehicles or purchase seeds/composts at accumulation focuses. Use semi-trailers to transport beds or seed and manure from beds (bought in the store) straightforwardly to your fields so you don't need to come back to the store to fill the machine tanks.

You can purchase every one of the things you requirement for cultivation in the shop: feed, bunches of roughage, silage or straw.

Two new sorts of developing/furrowing machines have been presented:

Plate harrows-they are portrayed by a much lower tractor load amid work, it merits looking into them when you can't manage the cost of solid tractors.

Subsoilers-you can utilize them simply like a customary furrow - furrow the field occasionally and use them when planting root crops. They have an immaterial burden on the tractor and work rapidly, and you can associate a few models of grower and seeders (with 3-point association) straightforwardly.

Power Harrows-a lightweight cultivator, to which a few seeders and cultivators can be associated.

Farming simulator 2019 Maps

Farming simulator 2019 maps

The essential form of Farming Simulator 19 empowers the player to utilize two maps as beginning areas:

Ravenport-this is a guide in an atmosphere straight from the United States. It is for the most part portrayed by substantial arable fields, lavish vegetation trademark for the USA, just as different components of the earth: structures, vehicles.

Felsbrunn-this guide speaks to Germany. Rugged scenes and dominatingly coniferous trees are perfect for felling. You'll frequently experience troublesome territory here: tight plots of land encompassed by stones or situated on soak inclines.


Cultivating Simulator 19 includes a multiplayer mode. You can play diversions on the server for up to 16 individuals. You can make your very own server or go along with one of the current ones. In the event that your PC or data transfer capacity is excessively feeble, you can lease a server "from outside": GIANTS offers the choice of leasing devoted servers; there are likewise numerous different spots that offer servers and backing.

So as to utilize the online mode on Steam, you should be Online: this keeps you from offering recreations to other people and playing web based amusements together.

The amusement does not have a part screen mode,

The amusement does not have a LAN mode: the main association is by means of the system (the server you make individually PC interfaces with the diversion producer's server).pes.

Farming simulator 2019 DLCs and mods

Various DLCs are arranged, which will upgrade Farming Simulator 19 with numerous additional items: new maps, machines, tractors and different components.

The amusement includes a committed administrator for extra substance. - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips

The amusement includes a devoted administrator for extra substance.

It is likewise conceivable to make and introduce mods. They will be accessible for download specifically from the amusement menu, through the supposed modhub, where you can seek, download and introduce mods. They can likewise be utilized in multiplayer mode as long as different clients additionally have them.

Our mods area of our guide incorporates:

Mods list

How to introduce mods?

New maps

Change and contents

Farming simulator 2019 Harvests


In Farming Simulator 19 the player can develop plants, for example, wheat, rye, oats, grain, rapeseed, corn, sunflower, soya, potatoes, sugar beet, sugar stick, cotton, poplar for chips and trees. Furthermore, you can likewise create straw and grass, from which you can acquire roughage and silage.

Cultivating Simulator 19 highlights numerous new alternatives and yields, for example cotton. - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips

Cultivating Simulator 19 highlights numerous new alternatives and harvests, for example cotton.

You can breed the accompanying creatures: hens (produce eggs), pigs (give fertilizer), sheep (give fleece), bovines (milk and compost) and steeds that require your consideration and work to expand their perseverance and move beneficially.

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